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Reclaiming Women's
Well-Being & S
oulful Living

Hello, I am Maeve Lee, a wild & intuitive woman.

An intuitive mystic for all my life and a sucker for the spiritual journey in the human story... It is my dharma to advocate for & guide others in living a life of personal truth, grounded in their own power & authentic, soulful expressions. In doing so, we live a life that is aligned to our own vitality & health; mind, body & soul!

  • 12 + yrs of study with a Masters in Counseling Psychology & experience in a multitude of community settings both urban and rural

  • 15 + years of spiritual study of mysticism, the divine feminine & holistic living/"alternative" health through a remembrance of ancient practices & knowledge

  • 10 + years of service, passion and facilitating individuals & circles for women (a soft, empowering return to our wellness), as well as inviting conscious reclamation of wild pregnancy & a guardian of uninterrupted birth 

  • 3+ years of being a student of Ayurveda from Ancient India & being an Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach

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"Thanks for remaining calm when your witnessing me worried about being a first time mom. You have helped me trust my own body and helped give me the power to believe in myself. I am grateful to not be alone on this journey and looking forward to whats ahead."

Erin M., Oregon

"Maeve is unique in her approach to helping humans of all backgrounds and experiences. Her integrative approach to health and wellness is an innovative lens that many health professionals are exploring, yet Maeve has been on this journey personally and professionally for years. 
Through her work with many different clients over the years, she has developed a deep understanding of people from all walks of life. Maeve makes you feel seen and appreciated for who you already are and encourages you to achieve your goals.
I'm so grateful to have her as a coach. I highly recommend working with her if you are searching for someone."

- Lauren W., Minnesota

"Maeve has a quick ability to see through the bs and gets right to the resolution. She saves me a lot of time & effort trying to figure it out on my own. Her insights are always spot on but she also helps me get there on my own and doesn't force anything. 

Alysa H., Colorado

Maeve's Offerings

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1:1 Coaching Session

I guide women in a process of reclamation that brings them home to themselves. I help successful, ambitious women balance their masculine & feminine energies to resolve burn-out, chronic fatigue or illness and regain mental & emotional stability. In our time together, you will be re-introduced to your wild woman, your intuitive self & your wise woman who will guide & nourish you! Once you return to her, you'll never want to let her go again!


Women see results such as finished tasks/passion projects they've put off for years, experiencing less anxiety/depression, reduction in physical illness by becoming a better steward of their own body/habits, better boundaries in relationships and at work so that she's not depleted for her family or herself & so much more!

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Group Workshops
& Speaking Engagements

Utilizing my teachings of ancient wisdom and modern science, I bring a blend of healing modalities that are tangible and effective. Balancing the western & eastern philosophies brings about an integrated approach to what well-being looks like for people today. 

My workshops and events are a blend of spoken lessons & then experiential practices which allow the audience to embody these teachings in the moment. This is potent medicine & allows people to access to their own ability to heal themselves through their own energy system.

Having guided groups for over a decade now, I am able to adjust the teachings to the group I am working with to make it both meaningful & transformational. I hold the space with tenderness & structure so that it is safe & soul crafting

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Pre-conception, Pregnancy, Birth & Early Childhood Support
(The full continuum)

Bringing new souls into this world is a joyful experience! It is also a time of strong initiations to our own deeper Self while being inundated with interruptions & fearful opinions from society.

I guide couples & mothers in reclaiming their inherent ability to welcome & raise their babies in a way that is the most spiritually pure & physiologically aligned with everyone's inherent needs to thrive!

This work is for conscious couples who desire to understand their options outside of the normalized institutions in order to avoid birth trauma for mother, baby & the entire family unit. This is how we birth in a way that is sacred & co-create the future in a conscious manner!

I believe in staying with families over the years to be a consistent source of support; a way to re-create the village setting. 

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Interested in working together? 





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Start your Journey today

These "downloadables" are self-help journals written by myself; Maeve Lee.

Using my expertise, I have crafted these beauties to guide you through the chosen lesson & then reflective prompts to gain new insights about yourSelf & implement inspired action!


What would it cost you in time, money or relationships if you didn't say YES to yourself today? As we say it here; it's time to be your own guru. 


The Full Continuum
Women’s Holistic Wellness & Community
Womban's Circle - Ashland, OR

We have a sacred space for women in Ashland, Oregon to gather weekly in sisterhood & revitalize our well-being; mind, body & soul. As a midwife, I invite you into the different seasons and initiations of soulful living as a woman living within the sacred cycles of Life/Death/Life. We explore topics of the wild woman, our self-authority, re-villaging, re-centering oursevles, home births & living a soulful, satisfying life empowered & aware. We bring peace, knowledge & complete initiations as a maiden-mother-chrone with one another's wisdom & tangible support.


We are designed to journey together!

In our circle, I bring a blend of western psychology & eastern medicines to assist you on your soul path. This circle is for you if you are struggling with chronic fatigue, inflammation or dis-ease and have seen little to no success from conventional methods. This is for you if you desire to let go of anxiety, depression or trauma that continues to follow you around through the years, despite your best efforts.

This is for you if you are lonely and desiring sisterhood. We orient around the sacredness of our divine feminine and masculine energies, to integrate the two and bring healing to any distortions from society or family conditions.  If you are yearning for true feminine connection, support, thoughts, beliefs & energies to support you! 

Welcome Sister! Welcome. 

Email me @ to JOIN. 

Feel free to include a small introduction & share what you desire to receive from the group. I look forward to meeting you!

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