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This creation is so much more than just a journal; it is a journey! 


For any woman who is experiencing dis-ease in their mind, body or soul and is tired of being tired... I wrote this for you. It is truly the culmination of a decade of experience as a mental health therapist, a lover of the wild & free, as well as the studies I've found over the years of how people heal from all over the world. 


In over 50+ pages of information with prompts to further your insights, you'll be introduced to new nuggets of Truth that will lead you down a new path. This is a path that helps you reclaim your power as a woman who can heal herself, her family & her community. This is about finding well-being in your life; mind, body & soul.


This is for those who are looking to invest in a life that is holistic, natural and free of toxic, traumatic practices. This is for women looking for an alternative solution to their pains and mental health concerns that have not found relief with the traditional modalities of western doctors or mental health therapies. 



Sister, Our Well-being Matters.

Reclaim yours now.


This guide is the ultimate introduction to holistic & intentional living. Bringing true healing & reviving your Divine Feminine. By learning ancient teachings & returning to natural health, you’ll be able to make tangible changes that steer you in the direction you desire!


This guide is for you if you desire:

To have more energy or resources for yourself, your family & your passions!

To learn why conventional “health” is not giving you results when it comes to resolving physical and/or mental health concerns & what alternative modalities are available to you instead.

To reclaim your life & well-being, to resolve internal conflicts, dis-ease & imbalances within your mind, body & soul.

To create space in your life for yourSelf & still feel confident to meet your responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed or burdened.


To reshape your lifestyle around YOU, leading to lasting satisfaction, joy & confidence To build up your inner wise woman to witness & transmute any Life/Death/Life cycles life presents you This is truly a gift of my 10+ years of professional experience in psychology as a mental health therapist, with loving upgrades from my Ayurvedic studies, wild woman reclamation & spiritual life that bring in “alternative” or “radical” modalities of healing that will allow you to remember where true healing comes from & how to embody your Divine life!


Reset your mind, body & soul throughout 5 modules (with lessons & reflection prompts):






+Bonus Tips & Recommendations for further research, suggested programs & more!


"Maeve is special because she understands psychology, spirituality, and wellness through an integrated lens. She has studied and practiced so many different modalities herself that she knows from first hand experience how to weave them in based on the challenge at hand. She guides you without judgment and her compassion leads the way. Through supporting so many different kinds of clients, she has a deep understanding of people from all walks of life. I never feel like what I am saying isn’t understood. Maeve makes you feel seen for who you truly are." -Lauren W.


*Disclaimer: We are not doctors, therefore this is not medical advise or practice. This is the sharing of information and none of our journals or services are a promise or engagement in professional therapy or medicine practice.

The Well Woman

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