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Sol Santos

Shadow Walker






For The Curious - Who is Sol?

I AM Sol Santos, and my life has been an epic, storied voyage - full of unexpected twists, turns, peaks, and valleys.

Born in the sprawling metropolis of Sao Paulo, Brazil, I was abandoned as a toddler and left to fend for myself in a harsh orphanage. Though my early years were steeped in fear and deprivation, they lit a fire in me to survive and overcome. At the age of 6, through an almost miraculous turn of events, I was adopted by a loving family in Fargo, North Dakota.

The drastic change from tropical Brazil to the frozen tundra of North Dakota was an enormous culture shock. School was challenging, but I discovered my love of sports and theater, and immersed myself in church activities.

However, underneath the surface, I struggled with my identity and traumatic early childhood experiences. The volatility at home took its toll, and at 17, I was sent to a boarding school where I eventually completed my education. Surrounded by kids with troubled pasts, I learned resilience and independence unlike ever before.

When I graduated, the path ahead split in opposing directions, and I took the road less traveled - dropping out of Bible college to work odd jobs and getting pulled into the seductive underworld of drugs, crime, and instability.

My 20s and 30s were lost in a haze as I searched for purpose, bouncing between vices, dead-ends, and stints behind bars. But every valley brings a peak. And through it all, my grit and determination to overcome misfortune pushed me forward.

Now in my 40s, I feel gratitude for the eclectic experiences that grew my empathy and wisdom. I'm driven by a passion to understand human nature and spirituality on the deepest levels. The transformations I was able to make, due to my deep dive into modern science and ancient teachings, were what played a huge role in the culmination of The Science of Spirituality; along with my wife’s life experiences and completion of graduate school in psychology. We have been able to guide people through their own transformations and offer the same knowledge to whomever is searching!

We have a unique perspective based on our unique experiences that offers an approach which harnesses modern science and ancient teachings as an effective means to your desired transformation.

SOLutions - How Sol can show up for you.

Public Speaking

1 on 1  Coaching Sessions

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Having walked many divergent paths, Sol's talks unlock deep wisdom earned from a diverse, storied life. He brings a riveting, unconventional perspective unlike any other speaker you've heard.  Audiences are drawn in by his charisma, courage, empathy, and disarming authenticity. He explores the topics of human nature, spirituality, overcoming adversity, and the hero's journey using captivating stories from his own unexpected voyage through life. Sol inspires others to face all of life's twists and turns with purpose, intention, and an open heart. He'll dive into The Science of Spirituality which gives the audience the same knowledge and tools that transformed his life.

If you seek a speaker who will challenge perspectives, foster understanding, and ignite action, look no further. He draws from a well of unfiltered experience that few can match.

Sol Santos brings an unconventional, dynamic approach to coaching rooted in the diverse experiences of his own life journey. From the poverty of a Brazilian orphanage to the frozen plains of North Dakota, Sol’s childhood was filled with extremes. After a wayward path of crime, drugs, and jail time, Sol now reflects on his odyssey with wisdom rather than regret.

This varied life history allows Sol to connect with clients from all walks of life. Drawing from his own life story filled with trauma, trials, tribulations and ultimately triumph, Sol developed deep empathy, insight and an ability to inspire lasting change in others. Sol’s coaching integrates modalities like mindfulness, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral techniques, and emotional intelligence exercises tailored to each client's needs.

Yet it is the raw, relatable nature of his life narrative that forms the foundation of his coaching. Sol guides clients to turn adversity into purpose, escape victim mentality, and rewrite their own life stories. His ultimate mission is to equip others to face life’s twists and turns with courage, resilience, and an open heart using the teaching of The Science of Spirituality.

If you seek a coach who brings real understanding gained through experience, look no further than Sol Santos. His unfiltered perspective and authentic guidance help clients create their own epic journeys.



The tarot is a powerful tool for self-discovery, but only when wielded by a reader who understands its true depth. Sol Santos offers tarot readings that tap into the unique narrative of your life using his highly attuned intuition and decades of experience.

Sol’s unlikely path from orphaned child in Brazil to wayward youth and now spiritual seeker allows him to connect with clients from all walks of life. He believes we each have an epic journey – but sometimes lose our way. The tarot helps you remember your purpose and reclaim your inner hero.

In your reading, Sol will guide you to examine the storylines at play, characterize the “roles” you and others are embodying, and reconsider the underlying myths guiding your life. He’ll help you recognize your challenges as part of the hero’s journey rather than obstacles to shy away from.

Sol reads tarot not just to read your energies, but to crystallize your narrative arc so you can live boldly and intentionally as the author of your own tale. If you seek deeper self-knowledge and the tools to write your next chapter, book a reading with Sol!

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