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This is a guided, self-help journal for women seeking to clarify the process of walking the path towards their soulmate. Birthed from the insights Maeve had from her own seven year path of reclaiming her own life and then, ultimately attracting her soulmate; Sol, she includes questions and prompts to support your introspection and develop the skills to stay on the path. 


Here is the link to the amazon book if you'd like a physical copy!


In seven steps to clarity & healing, take your time to complete the journal. Time time to feel into, gather insights and integrate the lessons before moving on. I trust this will help you, as I know it has already helped so many women! Blessings.


60+ pages of written guidance for your mind, body & soul. Each lesson follows with related prompts and questions for your inner exploration towards your truth!

Aligning My Life & Attracting My Soulmate

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