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Sol Santos & Maeve Lee

Sol Santos is a man of integrity.

I am a Modern Mystic on a mission to provide proven, factual knowledge to those who have “tried everything” and still “feel stuck” in an existence they don’t want to be in. My own personal journey has instilled in me a passion and compassion for others on this path.  I am skilled at teaching others how to shadow walk and emerge on the other side, transformed.

  • 20+ years in treatment environments

  • 20+ years with self-development & self study

  • 20+ years student of psychology and human development studies

  • Broke the cycle of addiction and self sabotage

  • 4 years of conscious spiritual living

  • 47 years of life on this planet

Maeve Lee is a wild and intuitive woman. 

An intuitive mystic for all my life and a sucker for the spiritual journey in the human story... I am always advocating for others to live a life of personal truth, grounded in their own power & authentic, soulful expressions. 

  • 12 + yrs of study with a Masters in Counseling Psychology & experience in a multitude of community settings

  • 15 + years of spiritual study including Kundalini yoga, mysticism and the divine feminine

  • 10 + years of passion and facilitating circles for women & inviting conscious reclamation of birth work

  • 3+ years of being a student of Ayurveda from Ancient India & being an Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach

  • 30 years of life on this planet  & 10 years of motherhood

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